Supplementing natural nesting sites

CWH’s Nesting Structure Program installs artificial nesting boxes and platforms for wildlife species whose natural habitats have diminished or disappeared due to development, farming, or deforestation. For a reasonable fee, CWH installs wildlife nesting structures for Purple Martins, Wood Ducks, Ospreys, Eastern Bluebirds, Owls, Prothonotary Warblers, Great-crested Flycatchers, and Flying Squirrels. All nesting structures are equipped with predator guards. Please note that we will only install nesting structures on your property if it has appropriate habitat. We also strongly encourage landowners to monitor the structures so that non-native species do not use them. Click here for reasons to conduct weekly checks. Our Nest Watch page provides information to help you identify nests you might find in your nesting structure.

CWH also monitors and collects data on Purple Martin nesting systems on the Mid-Shore. Active management of Martin housing provides better control of invasive nonnative European Starling and English House Sparrows, resulting in more successful Martin production. In 2019, 765 chicks were fledged from 35 CWH-monitored houses/gourds, with an average of 22 chicks per house.

The table below shows the different types of nesting structures that CWH installs, as well as structure-related services and repairs. Click on the name of a box to view a larger photo.

Prices vary. For pricing, more information, and/or to arrange for a site visit, call 410-822-5100.

Wood Duck Box
Installed on post with predator guard
Bluebird Box
Installed on post with predator guard

Option: Sparrow trap for Bluebird box
Osprey Platform
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Chesapeake-Wildlife-Heritage_An-Osprey-and-its-chick-nest-on-a-platform-constructed-by-Chesapeake-Wildlife-Heritage.-1-scaled-1024x768.jpgInstalled on galvanized pole.

Options: Either CWH or landowner prepares and
submits permit application.
Small Owl Box
(may be used by Screech Owl)
Purple Martin Gourd System
Deluxe gourd system installed
Purple Martin Metal House
* 6-suite, starling-resistant metal house on pulley-operated
multipurpose pole (pole will hold 2 PM houses and 4 gourds)

* Two 6-suite metal houses installed on pulley-operated
multipurpose pole
Prothonotary Warbler BoxInstalled on post with predator guard
Flying Squirrel BoxInstalled on a tree in woodland
Great-crested Flycatcher BoxInstalled on post with predator guard
Predator Guard
Pred.GuardPVCblueboxBlack PVC material
Straighten, reinstall, or clean off Osprey nesting structure
Remove Osprey platform in fall and re-install in spring
Replacement of galvanized pipe for Osprey platform
Replacement of Osprey platform
Replacement of Wood Duck or Small Owl box
Replacement of Bluebird, Prothonotary Warbler, Great-crested Flycatcher, or Flying Squirrel box

Nesting structures are subject to 6% Maryland sales tax. A travel/mileage fee is added to all installations.